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Re: Fw: Delivery Status Notification


Thanks,  it was good to read those kind and thoughtful comments.

I was especially heartened to see in today's British press (Sun) the
acknowledgment that the treatment of the El Quaeda captives by US forces in
Cuba has been humane and  atrocity-free.  The earlier reports from the British
press had been incredibly bad and very misleading.

I spent some time (courtesy of the US Navy) in Guantanamo Bay and in
Batista-held Cuba, as Castro and his "reformers" were  executing farmers and
ranchers, and burning their homes in the hills above Santiago de Cuba.  The
eastern part of the island is desert-like, and rain-free for most of the year;
it has a steady temperature of 80 degrees, with only a few degrees of variation
day-night and winter-summer.   In the dry season, a cage with a roof that lets
in the balmy breezes is infinitely more comfortable than a house with walls.
Incidentally, most of the Cuban housing does not have window screens.... they
depend on voracious Geckos to keep the mosquito population down to a dull

Joe Erkes

PS I am puzzled about the "Delivery Status Notification" delivery failure...
the email address is correct!  I will check with my provider and see if he
(she) has suggestions.

Sinclair wrote:

> Joe
> Sorry for using this list to try to reach Joe Erks.  The Lord Privy Seal
> (Lord Williams of Mostyn): made a statement about 11 September that would be
> of great interest to Joe, I think.
> He said among other things "Let us unite too with the vast majority of
> decent people throughout the world in sending our condolences to the
> government and the people of America. They are our friends and allies. We
> the British are a people who stand by our friends in time of need, trial and
> tragedy and we do so without hesitation now". .....

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

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