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Henry and his place in hstory

My mite on this is that Henry, because of who and where he was, would
have known of the Ericcsson colony in Greenland and that sailing or
rowing across the latitude had been done since 980 until 1369 by
probably many ships, that Henry's voyage was a by-product. (The
Discoverers by Daniel Boorstin, beg pg 209-top 217)
There are other findings that the Vikings got into the "Great Lakes" and
there are runes on rocks and other indications that the makers of these
runes were Vikings.  I notice that the information on this has dropped
from sight. Maybe discretion is the better part of foot in mouth?
Henry as premier Jarl - would there be a saga or piece of one to tell of
this man exploring the North American coast - Nova Scotia and south into
Since the Academicians have been weighed in on this fight - who is the
reader of the sagas to see what there is on the subject?
I don't doubt the sincerity of those that said he sailed/rowed to Nova
Scotia. Again - the story seems to be "a flash in the pan" and as such
has not provided much else as proof. I would like to be watchful and
listen and maybe someone will come forth with proof one way or another.
Seems to me it is going to take alot of money, time and dedication to
fully explore the whole thing. As members of a large family
(Sinclairs/St Claire) it is always a point in our favor to have a family
member in the history books for something so signal.
I'm also reminded from my own, fairly recent lit classes, that the
academicians like to put 20th century definitions into the words of
writers who wrote in any earlier century.
Sally (Standby for incoming fire LOL?)

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