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Re: For Susan: Your husband's ancestry

Dear Susan,

I have just reviewed several of your submissions to the list, all of which
have been meaty, and worthy of saving for reference. I have a BRE degree, am
a member of the National Genealogical Society, and am planning a trip this
spring to Aexandria. I have written and self- published a book on my
mother's family history. My interest in this list is for obtaining greater
insights into factual history and genealogy. My research has repetedlly,
through verification of sources including the Hull University Royal
database, led me to the the conclusion that I, like your husband, am
descended from William the Conquerer, and the royal lines of Europe. I have
been cautious to question and be totally objective when examining historical
records, files, and genealogical claims. I would be very interested in
knowing your husbands ancestry, and if we are tied into the same lines
within a few generations. It would strengthen my own findings even more. You
may reply off-list if you wish. I don't want to bore anyone with more
personal details. I would be very greatful for your reply.

Thanks so much!

Stan St. Clair
Blairsville, GA (Roots deep in Virginia)

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>Dear Sinclair,
>      The Clan Sinclair, U.S.A. informed me that the Sinclairs are
>from Rollo (Hrolf)  the Viking, son of Earl (Jarl) Rognvald the Viking of

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