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Re: Prince Henry Proofs

Dear Sinclair,

      The Clan Sinclair, U.S.A. informed me that the Sinclairs are descended 
from Rollo (Hrolf)  the Viking, son of Earl (Jarl) Rognvald the Viking of 
Alesund, Norway. Rollo signed a peace treaty with the King of France at 
St.-Claire-sur-Epte, France in 911 A.D.  The King of France let him settle in 
northern France on the condition that he would keep other Vikings from 
raiding and trying to settle there.  
     In 2000 you told my husband that William the Conqueror was also 
descended from Rollo the Viking and you gave us the descendancy to show this. 
 My husband  is descended from William the Conqueror and we greatly 
appreciate your help with his family research.  Merci bien pour votre aide.


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia
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