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RE: Canadian patents haggis launcher

Ian!  haha!  I love the story.  John, thanks for sharing it.  I may make a
special trip to meet Prince Gordon (I couldn't resist!)

I just received an email from an e-group list of fellow (Brother?) Masonic
Webmasters about Gordon.  Small world.  He asked me if Gordon was a
relative.  I told him, probably, 24th removed, whatever that means.  I told
him that if he required proper documentation, to please not ask me for it as
I am exhausted from such questions.

Actually, my wife and I are going to spend the weekend on the boat and I may
very well ask her if Mike, Thomas, and Kimberly are of my blood.  I believe
that I was there at conception, but one never knows about such things.  I
may require DNA testing.  It is my belief now that there can be no room for
doubt.  Of course, with my luck, about 700-800 years from now, someone will
find a flaw in the DNA testing procedure.

Gee, what will I do then?  ;-)


Mel Sinclair, Webmaster
Grand Lodge of Ancient Free
Masons of South Carolina
Email: melsinclair@scgrandlodgeafm.org
Web: http://www.scgrandlodgeafm.org
(Walden Lodge 274, Greenville, SC)
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> John,
> I know this guy, he has just written to me, he runs a British
> meat stall, my
> god, he doesn't half remind me of someone!!!
> Ian of Noss Head

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