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Re:: Academics patronising attitudes?

Dear Colleagues,

I attended a lecture about Earl Henry Sinclair by Tim
Wallace-Murphy at the Orkney Science festival two
years ago.  Two members in the audience accused
Mr Murphy of inaccuracies and inventions.  In my
opinion he failed to defend himself effectively
against their charges.  In view of that, I humbly
suggest that Mr Murphy shouldn't lecture others about
inaccuracies and inventions.

On a separate matter. I have just been told by an
Orcadian friend that a well-documented article
exposing the 'Henry Sinclair/America' story is about
to appear in this month's The New Orkney Antiquarian
Journal',published by Orkney Heritage Society. It
should be available shortly from The Orcadian
Bookshop, Kirkwall,Orkney, Scotland, UK.  Essential
reading I would suggest!

Yours aye


--- Tim Wallace-Murphy
<tim@templartim.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear Dana,
> Noone, academic or otherwise, who chooses their
> words carefully, is
> responsible for any misconceptions about their
> attitude perceived in error
> by their readers. Sadly a large number of readers
> tend to perceive and use
> of archival or archaeological sources as being
> somehow elitist and take
> umbrage at that. That is their problem.

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]


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