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Re: Different expressions

My grandfather, John Sinclair, who was born in Wick in 1884 and came to 
Canada in 1914, had an expression he used frequently. For example if the 
officials of the day changed something, he would say "It's a bear", what 
they've done making that change. Or "It's a bear" the way they treat 
those people. Or "It's a bear, the price of gasoline these days.

Also, he taught me the following ditty when I was around 6 years old:

The blind man saw a hair
The dumb man said where?
The man with no legs ran and caught it
And the naked man put it in his pocket

I've never forgotten either and taught them to my children as well. I 
always assumed he learned these in Scotland. Anyone ever heard of these 
or did he pick them up here in Canada? Just curious.

Donald Sinclair

Carter, Judy G (Judy) wrote:

>>From the South
> Knee deep in Alligators
> Don't let your eyes overload your stomach
> I didn't fall off the turnip truck
> and then you have all the
> Redneck jokes
> Blonde jokes

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

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