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Re: : Academics patronising attitudes?


With all due respect, your post doesn't help.  Many here have passionate
(and mutually conflicting) opinions regarding the Sinclair history.  The way
to resolve these issues is to dispassionately examine the evidence for each
assertion, and keep score.

Dispassionate examination doesn't happen at a public meeting where tempers
flare.  It happens when men of good will get together to calmly weigh the
evidence.  It can happen on this list, if we don't kill off good will.

This issue has taken on some of the worst aspects of modern American
politics, and if we don't resolve it we will all be losers.

Sincerely, (and with no animosity),

Joe Erkes

Henry Root wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I attended a lecture about Earl Henry Sinclair by Tim
> Wallace-Murphy at the Orkney Science festival two
> years ago.  Two members in the audience accused
> Mr Murphy of inaccuracies and inventions.  In my
> opinion he failed to defend himself effectively
> against their charges.  In view of that, I humbly
> suggest that Mr Murphy shouldn't lecture others about
> inaccuracies and inventions.
> On a separate matter. I have just been told by an

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