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RE: "Bob's my Uncle"

Gawd!  Them Kiwis are tryin' ta grab the glory again!
They reckon "Pavlova" is theirs!
Well if it is, then we added "mate" on the end (we do that a lot)
Annie, Jean, help us out here!

Stone the flamin' crows Pete mate, I was sure it was a blue who
uttered them words `riginally.  During a cricket match.   We won.
Kiwis had an underarm problem.  Ansett hit the winning run.
I was sure gutted.  Dags, dekko - can't tell the difference nowdays,
we both use them so much they've become part of both Oz & NZ *Kulture. 

on ya mate!


Ian in Perth.
just across the water
At 09:32 AM 17/01/02 +1300, Peter Dillon wrote:
>Strike me pink!  
>Fair suck of the sav Charlotte you big sook, [...]
>We claim pavlova as kiwi in origin but the Okkers keep trying to steal it off
*spelling intentional!

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