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The Truth

Dear Steve; 
You wrote some time ago...Now I know why this statement rubs me the wrong way. And many other statements. It's this statement of "...publish it...." I believe some here may be "coming from" and approaching all interactions here with this "publishing" mentality. I don't publish. I've never written any books. I don't feel I have the time or the skill to do so. I have great admiration for any, including Tim, who have this skill. But the part that rubs me the wrong way is that if I can't take the time to research, take the time to write, then I should just keep my silly fantasies to myself. Is this group open to speculation? and let it stand up to public and peer-group scrutiny, after all my 'rubbish' is there for all to see. If you do put it forward for examination instead of just criticizing other people's work, then I will be most happy to read and examine it and comment kindly."

I have taken the time to read and examine your thoughts and in these words " read and examine" comes something of great value to the participants of this list. 

We are moving toward a world where the human mind has so many daily inputs, that a synthesis of information is sometimes sought which leads us all, as a society, to work in through impressions. In any given day we receive thousands of bits of information. The " Truth" can get masked, or blurred and frequently does with a plethora of differing views and perspectives all being published. It becomes the duty of us all as readers to sift and evaluate the information and determine the truth. It takes time and thought. Thanks for your perspective.
Neil Sinclair Toronto