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Re: Snow Storms

Dear Ian,

> How many has he got?   Do they still fit him?  What does he wear beneath?

He has two. They do fit. Nothing, Heaps. There's no room to have anything

> I hope for his sake that there's a good percentage of Oz wine down there!
> (Along with a pretty good selection of whiskey of course)

I'm afraid he doesn't think much of our wines. He calls it soda pop. I have
claimed a corner of the cellar for my own Champagne since I discovered
Mercier Rouge. But Beaune, Chambertain, Chateau neuf de Pape and Mercury,
Première crus are defiantly better than the Oz variety. You could swing a
few Kangaroo's around the paddock after finishing one of these little
beauties off.

The whiskey here is Glendrondoch and it doesn't last long enough to make
it's way down to the cellar.

> Cheers,
> Ian in Oz


Before you ask Ian, Yes, we eat snails and frogs and I know three words of
French now! Speaking of our very own bored Sinclair, you'll never guess what
new French word he helped me to learn in the middle of a crowded market a
while back.  I repeated it several times to get the accent right. Finally I
became frustrated and shouted the word at him. All I can say on this clean
family list is that seven men followed me to the car. Mad, Bad, Bored

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