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Re: Snow Storms

Sinclair bored - unbelievable. A wise man is never bored and how can his
recent remarks possibly be construed as 'antiAmerican' when, by comparison
least, they pale beside the certain quotes made by leading American

1) The Observer newspaper quote of the year for 1956 re the Suez crisis:

'If only these Jews and Arabs would behave like a lotta Chrsitians, this
chickenshit situation would never have developed.'
attributed to the Leader of the House of Represntatives.

2) Of a certain American protege,an extreme right-wing South American

'Yes, he's a bastard. But at least he's our bastard. I'd rather have him
inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in.'
attributed to LBJ.

or this remarks made by one of Europe's leading literatti:

'America is the only country to go from barbarism to decadence without an
intervening period of culture.'
George Bernard Shaw.

Even Sinclair on his white charger cannot equal those.
For myself I have always found Americans as people to be hospitable,
courteous and kind; their poitical system incomprehensible (e.g. the fiasco
of their last election); their foreign policy, like that of any other
imperial power, highly variable (with the Marshall Plan at one extreme and
support for brutal right-wing regimes  at the other) and their restaurant
portions enormous.

Best wishes


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