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Re: Snow Storms

At 05:50 PM 06/01/02 +0100, Annie wrote:
>I must beg your forgiveness, snows in Normandy have kept us on the farm.

Fires in New South Wales, snowstorms in Normandy. What a contrast!

>Sinclair is BORED!!! 

Annie - too many exclamation marks.   That should bring a reaction!

>Make jokes about his kilts

How many has he got?   Do they still fit him?  What does he wear beneath?

>criticize his British accent 

Can't seem to hear it over the e-mail!

>advocate the death penalty openly 

Couldn't we start on gun laws instead?   How about those that use the
apostrophe in "it's" when it's not in its right place?

>tell him he is an Anti American. 

that's been done already!

>How about the weather in Melbourne, followed by semi colon smiley faces. 

Hot and humid in Perth  (-:     (that's and Aussie "smiley" standing on its

>Better still tell him you broke into his wine cellar and drank all 3000

I hope for his sake that there's a good percentage of Oz wine down there!
(Along with a pretty good selection of whiskey of course)


Ian in Oz
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