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Re: Book: The History of the Sinclair Family in Europe and America

AAAAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!! Everything we know is wrong.
Laurel writes:
"The latest issue of Yours Aye has an article by Rand Greubel that discusses
the lack of
evidence to really connect this John to this line and the possibility that
he descends from the Rosslyn branch instead."
Would it be possible to post this at the website or someplace?
I don't mind if Henry is not a prince; I don't know if it would be possible
to sort out Val-es-Dunes; and I've never been comfortable with the theories
about William the Seemly's arrival in Scotland. But THIS could really screw
things uip in the old tree.
As far as Morrison goes, my line stayed in Exeter until my grandmother came
to New Jersey, so there is not much I can contribute there as to his
accuracy. Just knowing what I have gone thru in the last few years with all
the resources we have now, really makes Leonard's undertaking truly
Take care, Kevin

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