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Re: Book: The History of the Sinclair Family in Europe and America

This Salomon Sinkler is supposed by most to be John Sinclair (John Sinkler
1650's to Exeter, NH ) g. grandson of George 4th Earl of Caithness through
his son John Master of Caithness, through a natural son Henry.  The latest
issue of Yours Aye has an article by Rand Greubel that discusses the lack of
evidence to really connect this John to this line and the possibility that
he descends from the Rosslyn branch instead.
    I would like to hear from others that descend from this line and have
information on their branch in this book.  There are numerous errors on
pages 292-294 on my line--and that you see is just two pages out of this
    I am hoping that it was just the bad handwriting of the provider of the
information or maybe Morrison was getting weak eyed or hurrying too much to
finish up and did better on other pages especially the early biographies
that are well worth the price of the book--assuming they are true.

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