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Re: Knights Templar suppression

Dear John and others,

If the Templars came to a tragic end in 1312-1314, what is this?
Please type in:

According to the publishers of this Templar website, and other links, I
quote: "It is a proven fact that the Scottish Order of the Temple did not
die after the death of Jacquede Molay in 1314..." They have links to e-mail
the Order in countries around the world, and are soliciting members. This is
a NON-MASONIC group, claiming to be the true Knights Templars.

May I hear some comments? Surely someone is aware of this.

As always, in search of truth,


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>I know of an order suppressed on charges of heresy in the first century,
>with its leaders tortured, crucified, eaten by wild beasts, etc., that
>nonetheless survived for centuries before it was finally fully legalized.
>But nevermind that.

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