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Re: Oz is burning

At 10:09 AM 05/01/02 +0800, Steve St.Clair wrote:
>I trust and pray all our kin in Australia are okay in these terrible
>fires. Any updates from down under?

Many thanks for your concern Steve.
I could say I am safe, being well away from Sydney (here in Perth - about
as far away from Sydney as LA is from New York), but as has happened in the
past, when the weirdos that light fires see it on tv, they get inspired to
go out and do the same over in this "neck of the Aussie woods."  We can
only hope that they're getting bad tv reception and their matches are wet. 

A Canadian (I think I've got that right) water-bomber helicopter named
"Elvis" is over there assisting, and has been credited with saving a group
of firefighters that had been inadvertantly surrounded by fire when a
sudden shift in wind occurred.  According to those firefighters, "Elvis is
KING!"  Two more of those same helicopters are in preparation to be sent to
New South Wales, and I hope that they BUY one at least, to be permanently
stationed in Oz!

For those wanting updates, you can go to news.com.au and navigate to the
New South Wales pages, or click on the following link:


Our thoughts are also with the Sydneysiders/New South Welshmen.

- those firefighters around the World, eh?


Ian Newman
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