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Clarification of previous submission, and wishes for the New Year

To any with interest,

During the holidays I commented on those with "Narrow minded" views on religion, and stated that through comparative studies, I had come to a greater "Faith in Christ". I further stated that I respected anyones right to their beliefs. All of this was well and good, but I fear that it may have been misinterpreted. When I said "Narrow mindedness", I was referring to Christian splinter groups who feel that they were the only true Christians. I feel that anyone who has a true understanding of Christ and his person and mission, and who have faith in him, as St. Peter so plainly put it, as "The Christ, the son of the living God", is a Christian according to
Bible definition. My faith in Him is the source of my strength. I trust that you all have a very prosperous and joyous New Year. 

I enjoy the discussions of our ancesters and continue to grow in knowledge.