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Re: Prince & Jarl

At 04:55 PM 31/12/01 -0800, Laurel pondered:
>That is certainly interesting.

You're not kidding!

>Pg. 101 of St. Clairs of the Isles 1898  "The panegyrist (Van Bassan) of the
>St. Clairs of Roslin writes of Earl Henry as follows---'After the death of
>[...] marriage he became Prince of Orknay....'"   And from then on he is
>called Prince Henry.
>Interesting that Morrison 1896 does not mention Henry's voyage or any Prince
>title. pg 37.
>Was Van Bassan then the person that started calling Henry Prince or was it
>Father Hay?

Hmmm...    (I do that a lot)  
Well on that same page, the paragraph preceding your quotation states:
"Antonio, in writing to his brother, the famous Carlo-'Saviour of Venice'- 
refers to the exploits of St.Clair, "a prince as worthy of immortal memory
as any that ever lived, and to the discovery of Greenland on both sides 
and the city that he founded."* ...

* Voyages of the Zeni"

So how reliable is "Voyages of the Zeni" regarded amongst historians?


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia

where it was flamin' hot today
the day I chose to work on (under) the car! 
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