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Re: The Roll of Battle Abbey - Sinclairs at the Battle of Hastings

At 07:20 PM 31/12/01 -0000, Iain Laird wrote:
>Thanks!  The Internet is wonderful in many ways, but can also mislead.
>Errors are copied from one site to another and then acquire authority
>through their abundance.  There is no substitute for the printed word,
>properly researched and supported.  The other 9 remain a mystery for the

- and if I copied your above message, reposted and published it, there'd
now  be 10 Sinclairs at Battle! (Shouldn't that have read "The other 8" ?)  
I liked the illustration Iain!     (-;


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
now I'd have to win Nitpicker-of-the-(New)Year with that effort, surely?
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