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Re: Prince & Jarl

John wrote " As previously mentioned, the Counts of Oldenburg were princes
of the Holy Roman Empire, and the County of Oldenburg was a possession of
the  Dukes of Oldenburg, so if Henry was the Duke of Oldenburg, he was a
Prince, which would resolve that discussion. "

Dukes of Odenburg were not Princes of the Holy Roman Empire until 1474.
Princely rank (Fürstenstand) was associated with the most important of the
Imperial fiefs (archbishopics, bishopics, duchies, markgraviates, etc).
There were several original hereditary fiefs in Germany with the Princely

- the duchy of Bavaria, - the duchy of Saxony,- the duchy of Lorraine, - the
duchy of Swabia, - the palatinate of the Rhine,  - the palatinate of
Saxony, - the duchy of Austria, - the duchy of Styria,- the duchy of
Carinthia, - the duchy (then the kingdom) of Bohemia, - the duchy of
Brabant,  - the county of Anhalt,  - the landgraviate of Thuringia, - the
markgraviate of Brandenburg, - the markgraviate of Misnia (Meissen),  - the
markgraviate of Lusatia (Lausitz).

 the Holy Roman emperors gave the Princely rank to the following territories

- Brunswick in 1235,  - Hesse in 1292, - Savoy in 1310,  - Pomerania in
1320,  - Jülich in in 1336,- Gelderland in 1339, - Mecklenburg in 1348, -
Pont-a-Mousson (Bar) in 1354,  - Luxembourg in 1354,  - Tyrol in 1359, Baden
in 1364,  - Orange (Oranien) in 1376,  - Berg in 1380,  - Nürnberg in
1385, - Milan in 1395 (for the Visconti house), - Kleve in 1417,  - Mantua
in 1432,  - Cilly in 1436,  - Leuchtenberg in 1450, - Modena in 1452 (for
the Este house), - Henneberg in 1471,  - Holstein in 1474 (for the Oldenburg
house),  - Württemberg in 1495.


ref Teutsches Staats-Recht and Neues Teutsches Staats-Recht  Johann-Jakob
Moser 1749.

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