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Re: Bruce, Douglas, and Sinclair

At 12:48 PM 23/12/01 -0600, John Quarterman wrote <snipped>:

>Come to think of it, I've observed a fascination with Sinclairs
>in Belgium, too, including tours to Scotland that feature Rosslyn.

Aw c'mon John!   Having just visited in April, I wouldn't blame anyone for
putting Rosslyn Chapel/Castle on their itinerary - fascination with
Sinclairs or not!  It's a breathtaking, mysterious, enchanting,
thought-provoking place.

Now _after_ visiting you'd probably develop a fascination with Sinclairs!
Now if that wasn't enough to do the job, I'd strongly suggest joining this
mailing list - that oughta do it!

Cheers and Merry Christmas,

Ian Newman - at exactly midnight, Christmas Eve/Day,
upside down in Oz
just saw a prowler outside dressed in some red getup.
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