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RE: More Questions than Answers

A difficult debate, which cannot demand a singular view.
If we sought Freemdom?
If we sought Knowledge?
If God bestowed these gifts on humanity, 
Would be use or abuse it?

Nothing new under the sun here.
People charged with great responsibility,
will attempt to prevail over a great injustice with a clumsy glove...
Yet, what else to do?  The force in Afghanistan is performing as required.
The trial is irrelevant.  A  process will be set-up.  Someone's laws will be
applied.  A result will be achieved.
History will judge the necessities surrounding the decisions made today and

It is interesting that Jeff raised the persecution of past ages....
we are the worst of beasts and also the most precious of gifts.
What do we do with these aspects?

Some use it, some abuse it.
Some mistake their friends for enemies,
Some mistake enemies for friends.

There comes a great burden of responsibility with freedom and knowledge, if
you want them enough.
The greatest of terrors is always in the present.
The great victories of history are made in a momentary present.
Treat the present as a present, enjoy it for the happiness it brings you.

Arguing is easy, having confidence to move on is a little more challenging.
Who controls your tempers?
Reaction of the Body or Discipline of the Mind?

So to weave a thread on topic;
If the Black Douglas' mother was a Sinclair, and 2 Sinclairs were with him
in Spain;
were they cousin and Uncle to him?
And do the Douglas' hold part of the Sinclair story?
You know I have not been satisfied that they went fighting the moors as a
distraction going to Jerusalem.
The Bruce's heart was off-course for family business Sinclair/Douglas stuff!

Any comment?

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