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Symbolism of the twin towers


You asked on the Sinclair list:

From: "Stanley St. Clair" srstclair@alltel.net,
Subject: Symbolism of the twin towers

The Gothic architecture of the World Trade Center's twin towers mirrored =
that of the twin pillars of Solomon' Temple. What does anyone think of =
the idea that the al-Qaeda was not merely striking at a symbol of =
freedom and trade, but was protesting Templar presence in Jerusalem, and =
the ongoing effort to rebuild the Temple on the Moslem stronghold, the =
Temple Mount at the Dome of the Rock?

I concur to some extent but would wish to approach it in a more current
context and wider perspective (off-list). This subject seems to be something
other than specifically Sinclair-istic. However I'll make a few comments on
the nature of the twin pillar dynamic here, just to provide a sense of the
science involved in case anyone else might also be interested.

 This dual-pole archetype is also reflected in the double mountain, split
mountain (Montserrat), split stone, double stone, head (Chief Head Stone)
with two faces, double head, etc. The pillar forms an etheric tube of light
surrounded by vortices going up and down with the pillar/tube in the central
axis. The two pillars form a central pillar/tube called the "Layooesh
Pillar" in current mysticism and that is the Primary... the two at left and
right are for stabilization which also includes aspects of consciousness as
well as energetics.

Boaz is the male pole processing divine fire-codes while the Yah-chen pillar
is the female pole processing the gestation, birth, nurturing, and release
of the form being created. The Central Pillar (Layooesh) synthesizes these
actions and creates the main connective into and from Spirit. A person
entering and leaving the temple must transition through the central (unseen)
pillar, thus adjusting to the Temples' frequencies and functions and then
egress by de-tuning.

The "chen" in Yah-chen relates to the 3 chen words, different spellings, in
Genesis. These describe the basic tri-unity needed for creation process: (1)
Grace, (2) the Form and Seed, and (3) the Connective(s). When one chen
format is used the other two are implied.

I doubt that the Towers' builders or the al-Queda knows this science or the
rest of the story ... I've only skimmed the surface of the double pillar
dynamic here... but I do believe that the Temple-Collective is represented
in the Racial Mind even though it was in the formats employing Commerce at
the planetary level. (Commerce might be thought of as a spiritual dynamic if
used that way... Yeshua's name also includes "prosperity" within its codes.)
>From the metaphysical point of view I think that they shot themselves in the
foot... but there are other issues involved.

If you wish to go farther with this let me know what your ideas are
off-list. I can elaborate but in a mystical technical context; I don't care
to go into the political aspects which can properly be deduced by yourself
working within your own ethic. Still, in the event you have difficulty
shifting "between worlds", as it were, I might possibly offer advice where

As a mystic and minister I've had 30 years of very strange experiences but
the more I learn the less I know. However I can probably offer scenarios not
generally considered. You have apparently had some training here, Masonic?,
so I'm assuming you already have a frame of reference to begin with. I'm not
a Mason so can not knowingly discuss their secrets; however I probably know
enough to address specifics as long as you understand I'm not putting
anything in a Masonic dialogue.


Bill Buehler,
Minister, Church of Antioch
Colorado, USA

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