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Re: More Questions than Answers

Dear Bruce:

I have a theory about Bruce's heart but, as Tim says about his own stuff,
you'll have to wait for the book.  Couple of things to get you thinking, tho'.
Bruce's tomb was discovered in Dunfermline Abbey in 1818.  11 feet from his
body was found a small leaden box, thought to contain a substance that was
probably the bowels of someone.  When Bruce's body was re-buried, somebody
unknown decided that the box should be buried with him.  Whose guts were they?

It is also highly interesting that a castle that figured in the Battle of Teba,
was called the Castle of the Stars.  Kind of ties into my Bannockburn
hypothesis, don't you think?

All Best!


bruce carlyon wrote:

> A difficult debate, which cannot demand a singular view.
> If we sought Freemdom?
> If we sought Knowledge?
> If God bestowed these gifts on humanity,
> Would be use or abuse it?
> Nothing new under the sun here.
> People charged with great responsibility,
> will attempt to prevail over a great injustice with a clumsy glove...
> Yet, what else to do?  The force in Afghanistan is performing as required.
> The trial is irrelevant.  A  process will be set-up.  Someone's laws will be
> applied.  A result will be achieved.

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

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