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Re: Our murkey past?

There was a Sir William who would have been the 2nd son of of the Wicked
Earl George 4th Sinclair of Caithness.  (foreman of the jury on the trial of
James, Earl of Bothwell, for the murder of Mary Queen of Scot's husband
Darnley  1567.   George died 1582 and his grandson, George followed him).
But it doesn't seem like William would have been a high school boy in 1607.
This William of Mey had two natural sons, Patrick and John who were
legitimated in 1607.
   Then this William's next brother, George  was the 2nd Laird of Mey.  It
seems possible that the schoolboy murderer was his son.  By then George's
cousin George (son of the John Master of Caithness (the Wicked Earl's oldest
son) and Jean Bothwell sister to the Earl of Bothwell)  had become the 5th
Sinclair Earl of Caithness.  The 5th Earl's brother James of Murchil was
married to Elizabeth Stewart, third daughter of Robert, Earl of Orkney,
natural son of King James V.  So indeed, if this is the right William of
Mey, he was well connected.  Scots Peerage

    The Wicked Earl had done his share of murders so William came by it
naturally, I'm afraid.

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> Some on the list have expressed the view that wealthy people avoiding
> conviction is a late development - not so, if the display at the Police
> Museum on Princes Street, Edinburgh is to be believed...... herewith a
> transcript copied from my video footage taken in April:

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