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Re: Our murkey past?

I do not know if any other country has it, but I took all the Sinclair (and
St. Clair) out of the Index to the Canadian Case Citations from about 1867
to about today.

It is only index by last name, next I will have to go to the books (which
are listed by year) for the case information.

While I was doing this at the law library in Toronto (Bora Laskin Law
Library, University of Toronto: http://www.law-lib.utoronto.ca/), I also
notice that they had Sheriff Reports for Scotland starting from about 1895.

Using their website,
you will find that they have about over 200 books on Scottish law.

Rexdale, Ontario

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> Some on the list have expressed the view that wealthy people avoiding
> conviction is a late development - not so, if the display at the Police
> Museum on Princes Street, Edinburgh is to be believed...... herewith a
> transcript copied from my video footage taken in April:

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