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Re: John Walker

Dear Steve:

If it's fun you want, let me help.

There are probably a few of us on the list who would not  have already taken
your sage way of thinking into consideration when we first heard the news
about Walker.  And so to a few of us your words may come as some sort of a
revelation, or at leat a confirmation of what they were already predisposed
to believed.  To most of us tho', I'd hope, they do not.

I will give some thought, tho', to what you have said, and will try to reply
by the end of the coming weekend, to your thoughts in general.  If I do not,
please give me a nudge.

It's possible that I will reply off-list, unless you insist I do not.  This
conversation is becoming less and less funny.  I seem to have established a
certain place in it that is less and less comfortable.

All Best,


steve@planetcentral.com wrote:
Let's stir up some more fun.

Talibanist John Walker.

Let me save a lot of you a great deal
of finger pain from banging on your
computer keypad and type your
position for you -

Poor John, he is simply a victim of
an oppressive government bent on
destroying countries weaker than ours.

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