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John Walker

Let's stir up some more fun. 

Talibanist John Walker.

Let me save a lot of you a great deal 
of finger pain from banging on your 
computer keypad and type your 
position for you -

Poor John, he is simply a victim of 
an oppressive government bent on 
destroying countries weaker than ours. 
But he at least chose not to go along
with "my government, right or wrong."
Better a traitor to his country than 
blindly agreeing with the officials he
freely voted to represent him in his
democratic government. 

Poor John, he is the victim of being in 
the wrong place at the wrong time 
and should be granted a trial by jury 
even though he's committed treason 
as defined by the Constitution - 
treason consisting of "levying war 
against" the United States, "adhering" 
to America's enemies or giving them 
"aid and comfort."  

Poor John, he should have his wounds 
healed by our superior medical 
treatments (at our cost), be sent back 
to the U.S. to teach tolerance to all 
our young, impressionable school-age 
children so that we can raise more 
liberal-minded adults who will stop all 
this American injustice and oppression 
in third world countries. 

Poor John, when he does get his trial, 
he can't possibly afford the kind of 
legal counsel that other criminals like 
O.J. Simpson could when they wanted to 
"beat the rap." So all of us 
liberal-minded folks should take up 
a collection for him. 

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