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Caithness Family History Society

First, I congratulate you on a very nice new site 
for the Caithness Family History Society. 

Now, I'm confused. I read through the surnames
listed right on the home page and see no mention
of St. Clair.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the guy believed
to have made the crossing to North America 
roughly 100 years before Columbus was 
known as both Henri St. Clair or Henri Sinclair.

How is it that St. Clair so often gets left out of 
the listings of surnames? I've also read that 
St. Clair preceeded the pronounciation Sinclair
as it was St. Clair when it left Normandy. 

I list the names on the home page of the site

Surnames: Adams; Alexander; Allan; Anderson; 
Angus; Bain; Banks; Bremner; Bruce; Budge; 
Calder; Cameron; Coghill; Craig; Cruickshank; 
Donaldson; Doull; Dunnett; Dunnet; Dunbar; 
Durrand; Finalyson; Gray; Geddes; Georgeson; 
Groat; Gunn; Harper; Henderson; Horne; Keith; 
Kennedy; Laird; Lyall; MacDonald; Mackay; 
Mackenzie; Macphee; Macpherson; Malcolm; 
Mann; Mason; Manson; Miller; Moodie; Mowat; 
Oag; Old; Oliphant; Reid; Robertson; Rosie; 
Ross; Ryrie; Sandison; Shearer; Skinner; 
Simpson; Sinclair; Smith; Stephen; Stevens; 
Sutherland; Swanson; Tait; Wares; Warrs; 
Warse; Watt




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