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Re: St. Clairs

Hi...well since we are looking for our lines.....here is mine I'm looking
for....Frances (Fannie) Sinclair married an Elias Davis 12-Nov-1806 in
Wood County West Virginia by Reece Woolf. Fannie's birth 20-Mar-1787 and
Elias birth 8-Feb-1783.....Children were 2 daughters and 1 son, no names,
then Elias 1816, William 1818, Elizabeth 1822, Stanslaw(Stanley) 1825,
Sarah 1826, Barnett 1827, George Washington 1829, Granville 1832.
They lived in WV near Parkersburg, at a place close to Bull Run, they
owned land and sold it in 1832 and moved to Champaign Co, OH. I assume
the reason we do not have the names of the older children is that they
were married and choose to stay in West Virginia.
I have looked for Fannie's parents for 30 years and have even bought  the
book "The History of the Sinclair Family 1896". I still have hit the
brick wall. I would listen to any and all helpful hints.

On 15 Dec 2001 11:15:13 -0800 "Spirit One Email" <laurel@spiritone.com>
> There may be some lurkers on this list that might be waiting to find 
> a
> connection.  Thought I would mention a group of St. Clairs I am 
> looking for.
> John Sinkler/Sinclear/St. Clair b. 1763 Gilmanton, NH had 12 
> children. It
> was during this time that the family changed their name to St. Clair 
> under
> advice of General Arthur St. Clair to either John or one of his 
> cousins.
> By 1802 he and family were in Erie Co., PA.  and by 1830 Geauga Co., 

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