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Re: New Topic Crest and Chooks

Dear Bruce,

I had to have a laugh at your message where you called your chickens
"Chooks". Since moving to France I have learnt that chook is an Australian
term only. The first week I was here, I asked Sinclair if he wanted "Chook"
for tea. He didn't answer me so I asked again. He said "OK, I give up. What
is a Chook?"
So what do the rest of the world say when they are rounding up the chooks to
fed, if not "here chook chook chook"?
I have insisted that the French workers on the farm now call the Poulets
Chooks and the petite camion is now a Ute. I even have a yellow sign on the
front gate warning kangaroo's for the next 25 km's.

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From: bruce carlyon <Bruce_Carlyon@syncsoft.com.au>
> Mind you when I reaslised one of my chooks was a rooster I got rid of it
> quick smart,
> each morning I thought I heard a crying child, to only realise on day
> it was my chicken which was becoming a rooster.

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