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One thing that no reader of this list could argue about is the amount of knowledge stored in the craniums of the contributors to this board. 

So, I figure, rather than continuing to stir up trouble, I'll attempt to take advantage of the group for its strengths. One of those strengths is clearly a knowledge of books and writings related to Clan Sinclair/St. Clair.

My interests, and I suspect many of us share this, are broad and varried with regard to St.Clair/Sinclair history and influence. 

I'd love to get recommendations on valuable reading...the books this group feels are really useful when exploring our clan's involvement in history. And most our the related Sinclair sites list the same ones over and over again. 

So far, I've leaned towards what you might call "the fantastical." JJ Robinson's Born in Blood-Lost Secrets of Freemasonry, and Holy Grail Across The Atlantic by Michael Bradley. Both, I'm sure it will be pointed out, were highly speculative assumptions based on scant evidence. But both were absolutely facinating to me. Expecially Holy Grail Across The Atlantic. I was absolutely floored by the idea of the Holy Grail as a blood line rather than a cup.

I'd certainly appreciate recommendations for more fact-based reading as well. 

Others I've read -

Secret Societies by David V. Barrett. This was given to me by someone who knew my interests in the Knights Templar. Absolutely useless to me. 

Highlanders - A History of the Scottish Clans by Fitzroy Maclean. (will anyone recommend we read the Maclean Clan's writings?) A beautiful book with a nice, though short, section on our clan. 

The Normans - Trevor Rowley. Very good grounding on our French roots. 

The Town Below The Ground - Edinburgh's Legendary Underground City. Nothing much here directly related to the St.Clairs, but fun reading about a facinating and tragic time in Scottish history. 

I'd appreciate any recommendations and especially opinions on the above-mentioned.  

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