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Re: Books

Bluntly, Bradleys' various books are highly flawed, based on poor standards
of evidence and not worth the paper they are written on.On the other hand, I
would certainly not describe John Robinson's 'Born in Blood' as the work of
a fantasist. John Robinson's work in its entireity is well researched and
well written. His 'Dungeon, Fire and Sword' is, quite frankly, superb.

A brief selection of ther works well worth reading are as follows:

Addison, Charles: 'A History of the Knights Templar'
Albany,Prince Michael of: The Forgotton Monarchy of Scotland
Amberlain: Robert; Jesus ou le Mortel Secret des Templiers
Baigent & Leigh; The Temple and the Lodge
Barber, Malcolm: The Templars
Barber, Malcolm: The Trial of the Templars
Begg, Ean: The Cultof the Black Madonna
Charpentier, Louis; Les MysteresTempliers
Charpentier, Louis; The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral
de Saint Clair, L-A: Histoire Genealogique de la Famille de St Clair
Desgins, A: L'Ordre de Templiers et La Chevalrie
Maconique Templiere
Forbes-Leith; The Scots Men-at-Arms and Life Guards in France
Graffin, Robert; L'Art Templier desCathedrals
Knight & Lomas; The Hiram Key
Upton-Ward, G. M; The Rule of the Templars
Lizerand,: Ler Dossier de l'Affaire des Templiers
Reznikov, Raimonde; Cathares et Templiers

They would make a good starting point.

Best wishes


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