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Re: Ode to America message from rob cohn

People are entitled to have and express their opinions, but I do not
believe that the Sinclair discussion list is the proper forum to
discuss who is right or wrong in the war against terrorism.  I thought
that the Sinclair  discussion list was meant to be a forum  in which
the history and genealogy of the Sinclairs and allied matters were to
be discussed.

If list members wish to demean America, I would suggest that you find
a different audience.

Ward L. Ginn, Jr. (next door neighbor to two innocent American
civilians who were murdered by terrorists aboard the flight that hit
the Pentagon)
Great Falls, Virginia

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The attacks on the World Trade Centre and Washington were inexcusable.
should and cannot let this degenerate into America vs. Osama.  Osama
Laden stands accused of heinous and foul crimes.  He is not convicted.

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