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Re: Ode to America message from rob cohn

This message was posted by me on the discussion list back on
11/25/2001.  For some reason that I cannot explain it was posted again
today on the discussion list.  I certainly did not send it.

As the original sender, I would ask all list members to disregard the
message as my opinion need not be communicated again on this list.
Although I personally prefer to post only things about Sinclair
history and genealogy, the rules that govern member participation on
the list do not forbid the discussion of this topic or others not
relating to history and genealogy.  Sorry that the message was

Ward Ginn
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Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2001 11:24 AM
Subject: Re: Ode to America message from rob cohn

People are entitled to have and express their opinions, but I do not
believe that the Sinclair discussion list is the proper forum to
discuss who is right or wrong in the war against terrorism.  I thought
that the Sinclair  discussion list was meant to be a forum  in which

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