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Re: Rosslyn Chapel

Dear Mr. Branshaw,

   Rosslyn Chapel was built around 1453 A.D. by William Sinclair, Lord of 
Rosslyn.  He was the grandson of Prince Henry Sinclair, Lord of Rosslyn and 
Jarl (Earl) of the Orkney Islands off the northeast coast of Scotland, who 
voyaged to Nova Scotia Canada, Massachusetts and Rhode Island from 1398-1399 
A.D.   Rosslyn is six miles south of Edinburgh.  The Knights Templar lived at 
Ballantrodoch, near Rosslyn and were friends of the Sinclairs.  Some of them 
went with Prince Henry on his voyage.  There are carvings having to do with 
the Knights Templar in Rosslyn Chapel.  I know nothing about the Ark of the 
Covenant and Rosslyn Chapel.  The Holy Grail is supposed to be buried in 
Rosslyn Chapel.


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia
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