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RE: Virus - & not gotten rid of with anti-biotics

I received several emails with the same virus from a member of this list.
When I replied to the individual, I removed the underscore preceding the
email address, and the email appeared to transmit normally ... at least it
didn't bounce.  My software removed the attachments so no harm has come to
my machine .. so far.

You might try that approach to let the person know that his/her machine is

Has anyone received more than 7 infected emails?  It seems that Sinclair
holds the record thus far.  He always seems to be at least a couple of steps
ahead of most people.  ;-)

Mel of South Carolina

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> From: owner-sinclair@quarterman.org
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> Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 8:03 AM
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> Subject: Virus - & not gotten rid of with anti-biotics
> Sorry Sinclair - I'm the receiver of the New Zealand version.  It is
> called "anti-trans" (W32/badtrans@MM) it puts an underline before an
> address therefore the email bounces back at you. The other thing is it
> might tell you that someone sent an attachment when they did not. In my

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