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RE: That wrinkled kilt

My thanks go to *you*. I appreciate your kind words.  It was good getting
your email this morning.  The list has been pretty quiet lately except for
about a half dozen of us.

The Celtic Rock concert is a true story .. my kilt is wrinkled and Cousin
Donald J. H. from California gave me good advice regarding getting the
wrinkles out.  Cousin Donald, it was good meeting you at the Stone Mt. Games
and thanks for coming to my rescue!

The parody was fun (for some of us) and the kilt problem was solved.  Wow,
how's that for a good week.  The actual wrinkled kilt simply gave me the
idea.  Perhaps I'm an "abstract" thinker after all.  haha!

Now, I'm off to Barnes and Nobles to buy that book.  <grin>

The very best to all!  Love you cousins!

Mel of South Carolina

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> Dear Mel and All,
>     Your messages about the poor wrinkled kilt have ben the most
> clever that I've seen anywhere.  Thanks to all of you for the solutions
> opinions.  We really must do something to iron out all those wrinkles.
> Very best wishes and love to all you Sinclair cousins around
> the world,
> Rebecca

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