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RE: Bin Wrinkled - the problem has a solution

At 08:09 PM 11/26/2001 -0500, Mel wrote:

>...As you said, if I don't iron them out, they (the wrinkles) won't leave me
>Richard, perhaps you and I are looking at this in too simplistic a fashion.

I admit, Mel, that I have chosen a simplistic solution to your 
problem.  That is because I (like you) am one of the non-thinkers on this 
list.  I have tried most of the night to think of alternative solutions, 
but I am not smart enough to think of them all.

However, my wife, a descendant of William "the Immigrant Quaker" Gregg 
(1642-1687) and James "Quaker James" Sinclair (1736-1813), has suggested a 
non-violent approach for you.  Her MacGregor tartan burqa is completely 
covered with Palestinian wrinkles which claim the MacGregors have been 
o'pressing them.  On the other hand, her Sinclair tartan burqa is only 
infected with Iraqi wrinkles from the waist down.  She says that is because 
the St. Clairs of France have agreed not to eat in a McDonald's 
restaurant.  She believes that if her cousins in Scotland would make a 
similar vow of appeasement, then her Sinclair burqa would be completely 
free of wrinkles.

I think (opps, sorry, there I go again) not!  The wrinkles would only come 
up with some other sorry excuse for their wrinkly behavior.

President Bush says there is no place to hide from wrinkles.  He claims 
there are clusters of wrinkles in sixty-some nations.  Even tough old 
Mother Russia is being harassed by Chechnian wrinkles.  And we all remember 
that bin Laden wrinkled the Soviet Union and could do it to Russia if he 
isn't killed by a Pop Tart first.

Mel, I think (sorry) that you should move to China.  You know what a 
Chinese laundry will do to wrinkles.  Your kilt may turn completely red, 
but the wrinkles will have been ironed out.  I have not been to China to 
verify this (I have read it in the newspaper and heard it on the TV talk 
shows, so it must be correct), but it is my understanding that Chinese 
military tribunals seek out the wrinkles, try them without benefit of the 
"rule of law," and iron them out without a moment of hesitation or 
reflection.  Some people claim that this is wrinkle-rights violation, but 
there are no wrinkles in China.

Good luck and say "Nay" to wrinkles.


Richard Huseth

P.S.  Sinclair, I have only received two viruses since I first responded to 
Mel so you win 7 to 2.

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