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RE: Bin Wrinkled - the problem has a solution

Thanks for the first email with what appears to be good, sound, advice.  As
you said, if I don't iron them out, they (the wrinkles) won't leave me
alone.  That seems to be a pretty bold move, but it also appears to be

However ... remember, Richard, fear of the unknown is very powerful.  On the
one hand, perhaps we need to talk and study this some more.  On the other
hand, perhaps my issue isn't so complicated after all.  Right is right, and
your advice seems obvious, now that you have expressed it.  My mission could
be difficult, maybe, since I don't know much about ironing.  I may make some
mistakes.  Others may be critical of me.  Surely there are warriors of old
that have different approaches.  Then again, maybe I have to learn some new
things ... new ways of dealing with these terrible wrinkles.

Richard, perhaps you and I are looking at this in too simplistic a fashion.

Let's see if there are other responses that might cause us to choose another
action.  Remember, it has to *look* good and *feel* good.  I think that you
are right, but, gosh, I've been wrong before.


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> >...What should I do to get the wrinkles out?
> Iron them out!  They won't leave you alone otherwise.  I am sure that you
> have "turned the other cheek" in the past.

> Richard Huseth
> Austin, TX

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