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RE: Bin Wrinkled - the problem has a solution

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> I admit, Mel, that I have chosen a simplistic solution to your
> problem.

Richard, BTW, my wife is also a "Gregor."  Gee, we have great taste.

On a more somber note, I can see that you are perhaps as distressed as I
about this situation.  Your ideas are good and I can see that you are an
enlightened thi.., uh, person.  Your wife's suggestions are very interesting
also.  I hadn't put the puzzle together as she has suggested.

I like her suggested non-violent approach, but I'm not sure how tolerant
these various types of wrinkles might really be.  I believe that I
understand how these things should work in theory, but maybe the way the
kilts are made has something to do with these terror-able wrinkles.  I know
that this is going against the grain, but maybe, just maybe, there are just
some really *bad* wrinkles ... and even really bad kilts!  Maybe it's
nobody's fault but something that just needs to be dealt with firmly.  You
know, just eradicate these mutant wrinkles.  Gee, now, that's a thought.  I
simply amaze myself at times.

I know, I know, you don't have to tell me.  I'm wrong again.  It's probably
all my fault anyway.  If only I had done *something* differently, this would
not have happened.  But what?  I hate to think of it but I probably deserved
the wrinkles.  (Pardon me while the flogging commences.)

Ahhh, that's better.  Now where were we?  You next suggested that I move to
China to remove the wrinkles but you also said that my entire kilt might
turn red.  Although I like red ... it gives me a real communal feeling, one
of sharing and comradeship.  However, I really don't wish for my entire kilt
to turn red.  Of course, that is probably a red-bias problem on my part, one
that most likely began as a child.  It may have had something to do with
breastfeeding.  I'm not sure.  It seems that I've seen some government

In any event, I appreciate you and your wife's continuing concern.  It seems
that the only prudent approach for me to take is to continue the dialogue,
to read, and study the situation more.  I know that the answer is there ...
it's just got to be.  Oh, well.  I plan to do some deeper reading while in
Texas next week.  One book that I'm considering was on the NY Times best
seller list some time ago.  It is by Lewis Grizzard.  What a brilliant mind
and observer of human behavior.  Poor Lewis passed at an early age.  It
still saddens me to think of him being gone. I got to meet him once and that
was indeed a treat. In case you want to start on this book so that we might
continue our discussions, the title of the book is: "Elvis Is Dead, And I
Don't Feel So Good Myself".  Actually he authored another book that may be
more appropriate at this point, entitled: "I Haven't Understood Anything
Since 1962".  There is also a website dedicated to Mr. Grizzard.  You might
do some research by visiting:  http://newnan.com/lg/

Best to you and your family.  I'll be visiting your Great State of Texas
next week.  One last thing.  Richard, you don't know how much it means to me
to have your thoughts and to know that somebody cares.  You have been

Note: To those who have so graciously offered suggestions and caring
attitude, I am deeply grateful.  Since I'm sure that this problem is not of
interest to most on the list, as I learn more, I'll contact you off-list.
I'm sure that some of the list members may not need to deal with this issue
or might be quite bored with it (or sick of it).  I don't want to be accused
of either appearing to be self-absorbed and taking myself too seriously, nor
do I want to be viewed as a whiner.  I say .... let's get back to some other
Sinclair "stuff." (another technical term).


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