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Re: Ode to America message from rob cohn

Dear Karen:

Have no fear.  I think if we were able, now, to look a few years down the line,
we'd find that bin Laden WAS killed by his own people.  I think that if we were
able to walk into a library of the future, and consult the many weighty tomes
added to the shelves, that's precisely what we'll find.  But that may not be a
good thing, since it clips certain lines of enquiry in the bud.

I think you may recall that there have been many who have thought that mass
murderers, instead of being executed, should be "studied," and in so doing find
the "abberation" that first began to set them on their errant ways.  Kill them
and you get nothing but their death -- fine for some, but entirely
unsatisfying  to others.  Another sun comes up, and another evildoer is
born--to perhaps do what evildoers were born to do--ad infinitum.  So it goes!

As Pontius Pilate reportedly did, should we condemn any child born on Christmas
Eve to death?  When we ask "who should we kill?" should we accept the answer
"Kill them all.  God will know his own.?"

Can't do that without the opportunity to study those evildoers (after we've
smoked them out of their caves), and ask them some very hard questions.
Perhaps it is the answers we fear.  Perhaps it is what they fear, too.  Who
knows!  I personally feel that BOTH sides are EQUALLY wrong, and feel I must
say it.  The ultimate body count will be a matter for the bean counters to
figure out.  Whoever's accounting firm gets the mainstream nod will ultimately
win the day.  That firm's figures will become "history."

100 years from now, if the world as we know it still exists, the Sinclair
Discussion List will still be talking about things like "the Sinclair who died
in Afghanistan, defending human rights," or suchlike, and I'm sure there will
still be many of you who will still be blowing the bagpipes, and I know that
I'll be long-since gone.  Good luck to you and your sanitized genealogies.
Perhaps your descendents will appreciate your version of the truth, but maybe


Karen Leiber wrote:

> Maybe we will get lucky and his own people will kill him.
> Karen
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> > The attacks on the World Trade Centre and Washington were inexcusable.  We
> > should and cannot let this degenerate into America vs. Osama.  Osama bin
> > Laden stands accused of heinous and foul crimes.  He is not convicted. He

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