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Ode to America message from rob cohn

Dear fellow Sinclairs and especially Susan - Thank you Susan for finding
the writer of that wonderful editorial.  When it made it into my email
it was sent unattributed and had been many places before it arrived on
my 'doorstep'. It rings as true now many months later as it did when I
first received it.  It was needed at a time when we felt shattered by
unknown people who would do something so terrible to make a statement
that somewhere, someone thinks America trys to put its thoughts and
ideals on everyone else whether they want to receive and participate in
those thoughts and ideals.  So what is America presently engaged in?
Waging an undeclared war for that very reason. What does the world and
America really know about this purported leader of the terrorists?  Only
that America has decided that this one particular man is the
'master-mind' behind all that happened on 11 September and the anthrax
used in America presently. That the purported fundamental Moslems of
"The Taliban" are keeping him and his followers safe within
Afghanistan.  So America is "rearraigning the ruins" of that country to
rid the country of its present leadership and in hopes of finding this
one particular man.  Looks good on television - bombing the land.  The
rhetoric sounds good, so is it 'good'?  The other divisive groups are
now fighting each other to see who will be the next leader of
Afghanistan.  "And the champion is........"?  Not the people.  Will
America achieve its goal?  Maybe, but will that stop the terrorism?  I
think not. The original statement is still in place - that America
thinks it has the only answer to run all the world and its people. What
works one place does not necessarily translate to somewhere else. To
borrow a line from a famous poem "Take up the banner from failing hands
we throw....." Destroy one man does not end the idea that he and others
still believe that American ideals are not for them.  Sally

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