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Re: Ode to America message from rob cohn

Hello Rob,

I was so surprised to read your message this morning.  The numerous
statements you made
were unbelieveable

 The WTC Building, when destroyed by Osamin Bin Laden and his followers was
filled with people from all over the world, not just Americans.  The
countries that have joined the United States do so out of morality and
protecting  the USA and their own country from any other terroist attack
against the World.

The goodwill of the United States have helped the Afganistan people who are
cold, and starving.  We know a women that is flying  air transport planes in
the middle of the night with blankets
and rice  for Afganistan people. (It was not PopTart) Tell me , what are you
doing to help the people of the world.  It is so easy to sit and critize our
goverment. Your Lucky.

President Bush said that Osamin Bin Laden,. if arrested will have a military
trial.  The public will be able to watch the precendings  I think this is a
fair and just way to hold a trail for terroist..

I hope you will try to see the "whole picture".  If you are unhappy with our
goverment, make sure you vote every time you have a chance to.  Try and make
changes constructively.

Kathy Sinclair Trappen

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