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Re: [SinclairAustralia] Rosslyn Castle - the transport ship

At 01:37 23/10/2001 +0800, I wrote:
>- And so another Sinclair connection is made - 
>my father was in the Merchant Navy during WWII, and one of the ships he
>served on was the "ARUNDEL CASTLE."
>(Grandfather was Ronald Alexander St.Clair Newman, son of Rosabelle St.Clair)

- and better still, yet another possible connection......
Rosabelle had a brother, John Archibald St.Clair, minister of Melville
Church, Montrose (Scotland).  His eldest son John Ewen St.Clair went to
South Africa aged 15 in 1899 to "join the war".  He never returned to
Scotland, choosing to live in South Africa under the assumed name of David
Edward Muir from then on.  We can't figure out if he was avoiding someone,
or perhaps it was that he had lied about his age and didn't want his family
to trace him. (?)

He may well have travelled there on the "Roslyn Castle" !


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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