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Ivan of Trafalgar and our Cousin Donna return from Stone Mt. Highland Games

       Dear Cousins,

       My/Our dear Cousin Donna and I returned last evening from the Stone 
Mountain Highland Games in Georgia, USA. Near Atlanta, Ga.  We had a great 
trip down and back.  The leaves were beginning to show off nicely.

       This was my first visit to the Stone Mt. Games and Donna's second.  It 
was a great experience.  It was especially great, as the Sinclairs were the 
honored Clan and our Clan Chief, Malcolm Sinclair, 20th Earl of Caithness was 
the honored guest.

       Chief Malcolm was very gracious to all.  It was a pleasure and an 
honor to have the opportunity to meet him.

       I was very pleased with all of his remarks at the opening ceremonies 
and at the Reception and Banquet the Sinclairs held in his honor on Sat. 
evening.  He mentioned that his ancestor, Prince Henry Sinclair, came very 
early to America in 1398. 

       I am sure that there will be a detailed account of all the Sinclair 
related events in the next Clan Newsletter, so I will only mention a few 

       The Sat. evening events took place at the Evergreen Conference Center 
in the Park.  An elegant setting for such a grand occasion.  There was a 
reception on the terrace, over looking the lake, followed by the banquet in a 
very nice banquet hall.

       There was a Grand Procession led by two of the Sinclair Pipers 
followed by the President Bradley Sinclair Barker and his lady Sindy.  They 
were followed by the Clan Chief and the other Officers of Clan Sinclair.  It 
was certainly a proud moment. Later there was another Grand Procession for 
the Haggis. This was made up of a Piper, Donald L. Sinclair, Vice Pres. and 
Pres. elect bearing the Haggis, followed by Donald J.H. Sinclair, who gave 
the grandest ode to the Haggis ever.

       I will leave the other details, of which there are many to the 
newsletter staff.

       I do recommend, to all, the movies that are listed for sale on the 
Clan site.  We saw the one on Castles.  It was wonderful.  Beautiful 
pictures, music, and narration. I had not ordered any of these yet, but will 
certainly do so now.  Thanks to all who made the videos possible.

       It was great to meet so many special Sinclairs that I knew of through 
this list.  I enjoyed talking to them.  I looked for some of them and some 
came looking for me.  It was great.

       I thank everyone who made all the Sinclair events so very outstanding. 
 The Pres. and his Lady are to be commended for all they have done for our 
family over the last years.   It was great to have the Nat'l Secretaries of 
the USA and Canada, Mary and Rory both in attendance.  They both added so 
much to the success of the events.  Congratulations to Donald L. Sinclair ( I 
should say best wishes to him and congratulations to us for having his 
leadership) on being elevated to the highest position within the gift of Clan 
Sinclair USA, the Office of President.

       Thanks for your kind consideration.

       Your Grateful and Proud Cousin,

       Ivan of Trafalgar