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Sinclair Generals

We are fond of reminding ourselves of the Sinclair Generals who served in the
Indian wars (Arthur, John and Patrick) but it may be salutary to remind 
that, in World War II,  Field Marshalls Montgomery and Alexander both had
Sinclair blood coursing through their veins and, in Major General David Boyd
Alexander Sinclair and Major General George Brian 'Gus' Sinclair we had two
distinguished soldiers of Caithness stock  Both were awarded the CB (Companion
of the Order of the Bath) for services rendered - a rare distinction.

The martial spirit still runs strong.  We are of Viking berserkr stock.  That
which is born in the bone can never be driven out of the blood.

Niven Sinclair

berserkr = bjorn (bear) + serkr (shirt) from which we get our word 'berserk'.
The berserkrs were the storm-troopers of the Vikings.