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Re: Sinclair Generals

    will you also accept a Captain of Marines as a berserkr?  I come from
Caithness and joined the American Marine Corps in 1968 as a private.  I spent 21
years in  Recon and Force Recon and carried arms and fought on four continents.  I
retired from active service in 1989.
    Yours Aye,
    Tearlach Sinclair
    Captain, USMC

Niven Sinclair wrote:

> We are fond of reminding ourselves of the Sinclair Generals who served in the
> Indian wars (Arthur, John and Patrick) but it may be salutary to remind
> ourselves
> that, in World War II,  Field Marshalls Montgomery and Alexander both had
> Sinclair blood coursing through their veins and, in Major General David Boyd
> Alexander Sinclair and Major General George Brian 'Gus' Sinclair we had two
> distinguished soldiers of Caithness stock  Both were awarded the CB (Companion
> of the Order of the Bath) for services rendered - a rare distinction.
> The martial spirit still runs strong.  We are of Viking berserkr stock.  That
> which is born in the bone can never be driven out of the blood.

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

There's nae man sae deif as he tha' winna hear.

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