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Re: On Louisa Sinclair

>OK, I was unaware of who Louisa  married so that part of my message didn't
>apply to the situation.  But she must have been a wonder to behold there in
>the wilderness contrasted to the hardworking frontier women with so littler
>of those advantages.

According to a message Niven posted a couple of years ago, she married
a Samuel Robb in Ligonier Valley, Pennsylvania:

As noted in the story Niel posted,
this was the area she had come from.

A page by Bob Stevens says that:

     ``Louisa married Samuel Robb abt 1780-1818.
     They had six children. Margaret Balfour, Arthur St. Clair, George
     Washington, Ellen Douglas who married John Graham abt 1814-1846,
     John Murray, and Mary Louisa.


Bob follows the descendants down a couple more generations.

Meanwhile, here is the Congressional biography of Maj. Gen. Arthur St. Clair:

 ``ST. CLAIR, Arthur, 1734-1818

 ``ST. CLAIR, Arthur, a Delegate from Pennsylvania; born in Thurso,
 Caithness, Scotland, March 23, 1734 (old style); attended the University
 of Edinburgh and studied medicine; purchased a commission as ensign
 in the Sixtieth Foot, May 13, 1757, and came to America; served under
 Gen. Amherst at the capture of Louisburg July 26, 1758, and under
 Gen. James Wolfe at Quebec in 1759; resigned April 16, 1762; settled
 in Ligonier Valley, Pa., in 1764, where he erected mills; surveyor of
 the district of Cumberland in 1770; justice of the court of quarter
 sessions and of common pleas; member of the proprietary council,
 justice, recorder, and clerk of the orphans' court; prothonotary of
 Bedford and Westmoreland Counties; served in the Pennsylvania Militia
 and Continental Army during the Revolutionary War; was a member of
 the Pennsylvania council of censors in 1783; Member of the Continental
 Congress 1786-1787, and its President in 1787; appointed Governor of
 the Northwest Territory upon its formation in 1789 and served until
 November 22, 1802; named commander of Federal Troops, March 4, 1791;
 returned to Ligonier Valley, Pa., and engaged in the iron business;
 died near his old home, "Hermitage," near Youngstown, Pa., August 31,
 1818; interment in General Arthur St. Clair Cemetery, Greensburg, Pa.


 ``DAB; Smith, William H. The St. Clair Papers. The Life and Public
 Services of Arthur St. Clair, Soldier of the Revolutionary War; President
 of Continental Congress; the Governor of the Northwestern Territory;
 with his correspondence and other papers. 1882. Reprint. New York:
 Da Capo Press, 1971.''


Note the source cited, for anyone who wants to dig further.

Also, see the political graveyard for more links to him and other St. Clairs:

It seems quite a bit is recorded about this family.


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